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Outlaw Gallery Collection

This very special “Bespoke” collection of Outlaw Copa Mundial frames are custom made by the hand of an Artisan. These temples feature hand-engraved pieces of art that are one-of-a-kind pieces. We call this the Gallery Collection. Each piece is made out of pure silver and 24 carat gold. No two pieces will ever be the same and each will be a singular delivery of the height of frame engineering and artistic brilliance.

Each piece is available with either an Outlaw X6 or X7 hinge system and comes complete with our new CGR lens portfolio of 6 lenses. ZEISS PILLA CGR is a platform that produces a polarizing effect while enhancing the definition of targets through a modulation of light reflection. Glare reducing technologies have not been available with color manipulation until the arrival of ZEISS PILLA CGR lenses.  

The Gallery Collection can also be ordered with custom requests. If there is a game scene or design inspiration our athlete would like to see materialize on the temple, we can deliver a custom piece.  For custom requests, please email  info@pillasport.com

Each Outlaw Gallery piece comes with 6 CGR lenses, case, microfiber bags, and a cleaning cloth.