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Prescriptive with Inserts

Ultimate versatility in a prescription

Pilla offers two types of applications for prescriptive needs. We have models that use a highly effective insert system where a clear prescription sits behind a filtered lens; and we also offer a traditional approach to prescriptions where the filtered lens itself has the prescription in the lens.

Our Insert systems for each model use a specific insert for each model that has been optimized for the geometry of the exterior lens. The insert frames use the same material as the exterior lens to maintain a very light-weight design. Each model has an available option. For the Outlaw X6/X7 and Panther X6 models, there is a clear prescription insert that fits in the sweat bar built into front bar of the frame. The Panther Post Standard model use a special prescription insert that fits into the post in lieu of the traditional nose bridge which is a metal frame insert. The Panther Post Plus Model uses the rubber sweat bar to hold the clear insert in our new Split Insert design.

To date, Pilla has deployed over 100,000 inserts and have seen Olympic medal results and many world champions podium with this type of prescriptive system.

Prescription options

Anti-Reflective - This coating reduces glare off the lens surfaces and is highly recommended with higher transmittance lenses and inserts.

Bifocal - Flat top bifocals, fit to the lens with a minimal registration of the bifocal so the “reader” does not get in the way of the athlete's vision.

Progressive - Multifocal lenses that accommodate both near and far sighted vision without seeing any line in the lens. Recommended only if you utilize progressive lenses in your everyday glasses or current sports glasses.

Hi-Index - This option reduces the weight and thickness of the lens in high corrective needs. It is necessary for individuals requiring a level of correction over +/– 2.00.