Our new ZEISS ICE technology delivers lenses that benefit from cutting edge engineering of coating science. A multi-layer coating application that improves a significant number of technical must haves in producing the best lenses available for the athlete. The total package of our ICE “IR” coating platform is a significant improvement in lens performance from previous generations. 

Color Enhancing

ZEISS Pilla ICE with “IR” coatings also feature color enhancing abilities to amplify infused color pigments in the lens making the color filters more robust. The exclusive and proprietary spectral enhancements in each formulation are tuned to a specific wavelength. A turbo charging effect of our “IR” based platform making color extremely vivid and also allows for a level of specificity in color precision. We can pin point color lift (like our CMX or HC lenses science) and color fade for example in our neutralizing lens science.

Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Technology

The lenses benefit from principals that deploy the best of Hydrophobics and a proprietary Hydrophilic technology on the backside of the lens while harnessing a color enhancing top coat with “IR”. The ICE technology delivers a performance benefit to the lens surface making it very slippery- hence the name “ICE”… this solution does not allow water to properly adhere to the lens surface or oils. This slippery performance reduces fogging on the backside while also making the lens extremely easy to clean repelling oils and water. The composite of these technical coating solutions accelerates color lifting performance, reduces fogging, while making the lens very easy to clean.