Copa Mundial Frames

The Copa Series is a technical achievement in providing customization of the way the glasses sit on the athletes face. The design uses a articulating hinge that allows for tilting the front of the frame towards the face or away from the face. This tunes both the fit and the visual accuracy of the lenses even when wearing corrective inserts. The hinge is loosened to a hand tight setting and the attitude of the lens is adjusted. Then the hinge is locked down using a supplied wrench for tightening. This is feature optimizes the fit of the glass by moving the nose piece over the bridge of the athletes nose. This has a large impact on the fit and comfort of the glasses.

This is a fully adjustable temple tip that can be extended or shortened for fit.

These temples utilize our proprietary fork temple geometry which has become a signature of Pilla Sport models. The fork creates 4 points of contact to reduce the weight on the front side of the glasses making the frame levitate. The fork acts like two hands cradling the head. This design is purposely long to provide wrap around the backside of the head. The design can easily be contoured to the shape of the head through manual manipulation.