Solid Filtrations

Pilla and ZEISS use specific lens design profiles for targeted visual outcomes. Lighting conditions, target color, and backgrounds dictate a requirement for specificity in lens performance. Pilla is a high performance eyewear company driven to provide solutions for any and all visual challenges our athletes face. If you are looking for a lens to work in all conditions you are clearly making a sacrifice in visual aptitude. Our athletes and customers come to Pilla looking for specific lens function to yield maximum performance in any lighting, target color lift, and background they are faced with in competition or the field. All of our new Chromashift lenses are coated with exclusive premium ZEISS Chromashift coatings that reduce glare and tune these special filters. Each family of lenses we create has a targeted color enhancing profile with exclusive ZEISS technology only found in Pilla products. Browse below to learn more about the lens families and the individual lens filtrations.

Specialized Sport Applications

Pilla has pioneered many industry-leading technologies in shooting and archery sports and continues to set the standards in those sports as well as action shooting, equestrian sports, and for aviation professionals. We have worked with the best athletes in these sports in order to formulate the correct color filtrations for each condition an athlete would face.

Custom Filtration Colors

Every athlete needs something from their eyewear in order to perform at the next level. What do you need? Do you need the green trees in the background to disappear? Do you need the center on a target to pop? Do you need the color of the clay pidgeon to stand out in the desert? All PILLA ZEISS lens filtrations have been specifically engineered in partnership with ZEISS to filter colors to have a very intentional effect. Whether you need enhanced definition, high contrast, neutralizer, max orange, or chromashift technology, there is a perfect Pilla ZEISS lens for your application.

Designed For Specific Lighting Conditions

Lighting conditions create unique challenges for light management. Many glasses manufacturers have only a handful of filtration options in order to try to address the myriad of environmental conditions an athlete could face. At Pilla, we have over 40 different filtration options developed in partnership with ZEISS that can address conditions from direct sun to diminishing light and everything in between. We have designed filtrations for each relevant lighting condition for every sport to help you always have the right equipment to perform your best.