Eye Science

Eye fatigue is an area of sport science that is often overlooked by athletes, coaches, and trainers. When it comes to shooting sports, eye fatigue is the difference between a gold medal and no medal. We partnered with ZEISS to create a technology to manage eye fitness and provide athletes with eye energy for extended periods of time.

By utilizing PILLA ZEISS lenses, our proprietary lens technology, we are able to provide the athlete with a level of clarity found only in Pilla products.

Clear Visual Picture

We accomplish this level of performance by using an optically correct lens with tuned color filtration while also focusing on delivering optically perfect frame systems. Eye fitness is maintained by using a lens substrate that does not create a distorted visual picture that the eye must continually adjust to. A sub-standard lens substrate makes your eye muscle feel like it's doing arm curls all day long... eventually your arm gets tired, so does your eye. Your eye has the same issues when it continually needs to adjust to find focus.

Proper Light Management

PILLA Performance Eyewear has pioneered light management in shooting sports. The human eye performs to its fullest with the proper amount of light entering the eye, too much or too little light creates a situation where the eye is strained and proper focus can not be achieved. Our PILLA ZEISS lenses have been specifically formulated to provide the proper amount of light in various lighting conditions while maximizing color registration, thus keeping the eye perfectly relaxed and able to perform better.

Enhanced Color Definition

For the professional athlete, registering certain colors quicker and more difinitively gives you the competitive advantage. For instance, our Max Orange color profile family can provide an athlete with up to a 600% boost in the orange part of the visual spectrum. Through the collaboration between the Pilla and ZEISS engineering teams, we have produced the most defined and vibrant lenses ever created, while maintaining our proprietary approach to enhancing color definition for the athlete.