ZEISS Lenses

Championship athletes train diligently to achieve peak endurance, strength and skill within their competitive fields. Unfortunately, these efforts are all too often compromised by the neglect of visual performance. A lack of quality eyewear can lead to eye fatigue, an inability to focus, and the degradation of hand/eye coordination, depth perception, and timing. At Pilla, we make athletes’ vision better by providing the ultimate in visual equipment. The key to our competitive advantage is our partnership with ZEISS, which provides access to engineering expertise and technology few in the world possess. The end result is PILLA ZEISS Lenses. An unmatched color enhancing technology delivering clarity and defined contrast for the best athletic optical experience possible.

Optical precision

Not only must the lens provide perfect optics, but the frame design must marry perfectly to the lens so as not to not dilute the efficacy of the optical performance of a ZEISS lens product. To provide confidence you are purchasing a PILLA ZEISS lenses, we have put a seal of authenticity on every lens. If the ZEISS “Z” is not found on the backside of either our dual lens or mask lenses, the lens is not a ZEISS lens. Period. Pilla products exceed a very stringent optical standard to carry the ZEISS name. Our optics are not certified to be perfect until a ZEISS engineer says they are perfect.

Patented Lens Coatings

All Pilla ZEISS lenses utilize the industry-leading, anti-reflective technology invented by ZEISS with a 7-layer coating. The ZEISS anti-reflective used on all PILLA ZEISS lenses reduces 99.9% of all visual noise on the backside of the lens. Visual noise on the backside of the lens is a huge distraction compromising athletic performance. When wearing a lens with either no anti-reflective coating or a lens with a poor performing anti-reflective, the eye is distracted and focus is compromised. All PILLA ZEISS lenses use the very best anti reflective found in the world. This 7-layer coating sheets water directly off the front of the lens, reduces smudging of finger prints, and adds a hard coat for easy cleaning and superior scratch resistance.

Rigorous development and testing

Pilla ZEISS lenses protect from all three forms of UV light - exceeding UV400. ZEISS quality-control standards are more restrictive than international standards. Every lens fit to a Pilla frame geometry must pass a quality-control inspection by a ZEISS engineer to be certified. Through visual inspection, ZEISS engineers inspect all leses through ZEISS microscopes in the lab to find any imperfection, no matter how insignificant. All PILLA ZEISS lenses are subjected to rigorous accelerated weather tests to ensure excellent coating durability in extreme solar or other extreme weather conditions. PILLA ZEISS lenses must then pass or exceed the following standards: ANSI Z87.1, ANSI Z80.3, AS1067, ISO 12312-1. To pass the ANSI Z87.1 high-mass impact test, the lens must be able to withstand the blunt impact of a 500g steel missile dropped from a height of over four feet. PILLA ZEISS lenses exceed the standards of this test.