Progressive Filtrations

PILLA ZEISS Ice Progressive is a proprietary lens technology engineered by PILLA and ZEISS utilizing both Chromashift and Infra Red lens science. The lens science provides athletes with three distinct advantages over the standard Ice Lens offering: enhanced depth of field, increased color management, and “live light” management. This new lens design introduces a variable color filtration as well as multiple filtration color curves in the same lens. Our new lens design with Chromashift IR focuses the variance in a narrower band of spectral color curves. From our original design to this new version the amount of change from top to bottom of the lens has been reduced. This new variation in filtration and light transmission allows the eye to perform at its maximum focal potential while allowing for variable filtration saturation. The result is crisp vision at distance, rich definition of the sight picture, and the ability for the wearer to change transmittance to tune resolution immediately depending on where you look through the lens.

New Robust Depth of Field Enhancement

PILLA ZEISS Progressive lens science creates a situation where the eye has additional light being flooded into the eye from the bottom of the lens. This creates an artificial tightening of the iris thus increasing the eyes depth perception. This is similar to a camera lens when aperture is changed (reduced) to get increased focal length. This change to the iris creates precise definition of the sight picture that is critical to shooting sports to properly gauge speed, trajectory and distance.

Infra-Red Color Management

Each of the PILLA ZEISS lenses introduces multiple filtration curves in the same lens using our proprietary ICE Infra Red filter enhancers. By introducing a higher transmittance curve with a lower transmittance curve in the same lens, the eye can effectively utilize the color saturation to actively manage sight picture definition. For Target shooters the opportunity to “Tune” the visual intensity of the target is very apparent.

Live Light Management

Tuning vision is the trademark of Pilla. We have spent the past 25 years perfecting color and light management to provide the ultimate benefit to our athletes – Crystal clear vision with an unfair advantage by enhancing vision through science. PILLA ZEISS ICE CIR Progressive allows an athlete to dynamically change the sight picture both with filtration and light management. Depending on where the eyes look through the lens the entire sight picture changes immediately. This allows the wearer in a “Live” manner to change the way the sight picture looks. This is a massive advantage in critical target acquisition.