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PILLA ZEISS Progressive is a proprietary lens technology engineered by PILLA and ZEISS using Chromashift. The lens science provides athletes with three distinct advantages: enhanced depth of field, increased color management, and “live light” management. This new lens concept introduces a variable color filtration as well as multiple filtration color curves in the same lens. This variation in filtration and light transmission allows the eye to perform at its maximum focal potential while allowing for variable filtration saturation. The result is crisp vision at distance, rich definition of the sight picture, and the ability for the wearer to change transmittance to tune resolution immediately. Each lens has a specific science to manipulate color and transmittance.



All our Progressive ZEISS lenses benefit from the Chromashift Technical Platform. Chromashift is a lens technology where we manipulate the visual representation of color to produce a more intense color profile and "Shift" the actual color of the intended target. The Progressive platform enhances this technical achievement with both variable transmission and variable filters. Chromashift is a technology where we use special color dyes to produce faster registration of specific bands of color. Further Chromashift has the ability to change the way the eye sees color. In the Pilla Progressive platform the intensity of the saturation of color is higher producing superior depth of field and color resolution.


Progressive Zeiss Enhanced Definition lenses are a special filtration science where our engineers have enhanced the complete color spectrum to create a "balanced" color profile while allowing for the transmission to be variable. The goal of the lens technology is to provide the athlete with crystal clear definition. The use of a universal color lift gives the eye a balance of color saturation to produce high resolution imaging. This combination of color resolution and color saturation gives the athlete an enhanced definition of the sight picture. "Everything you see is more vivid." For the athlete looking for an intense color profile with a natural reproduction of the visual environment this is a perfect series of lenses using the Progressive platform for enhanced depth of field.


Progressive High Contrast Lens filters are found in the Grape, Dragon Fruit, Lemon, and Lime lenses. This technology utilizes an accelerated filtration curve that produces a high level of saturation to provide definition to the edges of the intended target. The variable filter allows for the eye to gain enhanced depth of field. We enhance the highs and the lows of color resolution. The ability of the lens to specify pieces of the visual light spectrum provides the High Contrast filters a unique visual representation of color where darks are more amplified while enhancing the light elements of the sight picture at the same time. This dual nature of darker being darker and lighter being brighter gives the image a high contrast registration.


Progressive Chromashift Max Orange is a lens tehcnology that is engineered to provide the athlete with up accelerated boost in target orange while enhancing depth of field. This technology is found in our “Max” PM lens, Plum, and Cherry progressive lens filters. This is key for clay target shooters looking for maximum registration of target Orange while benefiting from enhanced depth of field.


Progressive Zeiss "N" lenses harness a lens science which compresses color while allowing parts of the visual spectrum to be seen with vivid detail. The "N" family of lenses is engineered to "De-tune" green. In our Progressive Chromashift Technology the “N” lens provides enhanced depth of field. This family of lenses is perfect for athletes needing to negotiate visual registration against green backgrounds.



Progressive Grape
Full Sun

A full light ZEISS progressive lens based off our top selling ZEISS 18RHC lens technology. This lens provides a linear filtration curve from top to bottom of the entire RHC technology making it an excellent choice for overcast and green backgrounds. This lens is extremely crisp providing superior registration at any depth of field.


Progressive Max
Full Sun

This specific lens technology uses Max Orange Filtration Technology to provide the athlete with a variable change in the visual sight picture depending on where you look through the lens. The top of the lens uses a transmittance of 30% while the bottom of the lens provides up to 70%. This lens accelerates the registration of target Orange through out the transmittance curve from top to bottom of the lens. This lens uses the concept of "Live Visual Management". The athlete has the ability to use the top zone or bottom zone of the lens to enhance the sight picture for maximum visual registration. The top of the lens is a vibrant Orange while the bottom is a soft pink.


Progressive Enhanced Definition
Full Sun

This is a beautiful articulation of our progressive filtration science. The top of the lens is an enhanced definition curve with a transmittance of 22% with the bottom of the lens having a transmittance of 78%. This lens is a beautifully balanced lens on the top with consistent enhancement of the entire color spectrum while the bottom of the lens accelerates the perceptive value of light. The bottom makes the sight picture very bright. This lens has two distinct filtration curves providing the athlete with a unique color management profile that is extremely balanced. The top of the lens is a rich amber/brown while the bottom is a vibrant yellow.


Progressive Enhanced Definition 2
Full Sun

This PED2 is a darker version of the PED. This lens offers consistent enhancement of the color spectrum while the bottom accelerates the perceptive value of light. The top of the lens has a transmittance of 12% with the bottom having a transmittance of 78%.


Progressive Plum
Medium Light

This is a modified cross between the 50RHC and 69MWN. This special Progressive lens has our Max Neutralizer in the lens and offers the shooter an extremely crisp target registration in medium to diminishing ambient light. The Zeiss lens science creates a situation where the eye has additional light being presented to the iris creating a tightening. This provide super rich resolution and enhanced depth of field.


Progressive Cherry
Medium Light

For our shooters that remember the 50R Ballistx technology, our PC lens is an accelerated filter using the 50R as a base. This new technology provides a balanced visual color profile while pushing pink and orange significantly harnessing the benefit of the ZEISS Progressive Light injection platform. The lens is fully coated with a 7-Layer ZEISS anti-reflective coating and ZEISS Pilla Hydro-Pel to resist dust and lens smudging.


Progressive Dragon Fruit
Medium Light

A very bright medium lighting condition lens based off a spectral blend of our popular 60HCP and 62HCW lens science. Pop target orange with increased depth of field using Pilla Progressive lens technology.


Progressive Lime
Low Light

This lens uses our 94HC filtration science as a base color curve and infuses our Progressive Technology in a fantastic lens for low light. It provides a rich color lift while maintaining maximum depth of field in low light. The lens excels in the woods as well or even under lights. This is a great compliment to the Progressive “PL” lens where flat grey light is artificially enhanced. The Lime lens is very balanced in low light where you do not need a perceptive enhancement of light. Meaning a light bulb effect. The top of the lens starts at 75% transmittance while the bottom has a 99% transmittance.


Progressive Neutral
Low Light

This is a specific lens technology that enhances the entire spectral curve of our neutralizing filtration. The lens on top reflects a 20% transmittance while the bottom reflects a transmittance of 68%. The lens gradually changes the transmittance level depending on where the eye is looking through the lens. This is a fantastic lens for green backgrounds and for the shooter looking for an immediately tuning of the sight picture depending on the lighting condition. We call this "Live Visual Management."


Progressive Lemon
Low Light

This specific lens technology utilizes our High Contrast lens science. The top of the lens uses a high-intensity lemon filtration and through the progressive change in filtration the bottom allows for a splash of light into the eye for enhanced depth of field in low light. The top of the lens has a 70% transmittance while the bottom has a 95% transmittance. This lens has a variable filtration curve providing the athlete with a unique color management profile that has a high degree of contrast allowing for "Live Visual management."