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Action shooting at the next level.

Athletes competing in Action Shooting sports to date have used eyewear becuase it was compulsary from a safety standpoint. The reality is eyewear has the opportunity to offer a competitive advantage. Pilla has moved into the world of action shooting as a direct piece of our brand DNA. We sought out the expertice of World Champion Max Michel and created a unique platform to enhance the visual aptitude of a competitive action shooter.

Pilla has focused on new frame geometries, a lens light management system, and completely interchangeable frame designs to allow for the perfect visual experience on the range. The Pilla system allows a shooter to tune their eyes to navigate and optimize target aquisition. Each frame and lens design provides full panoramic vision with no interference from the frame or nosepiece.

“As a pro shooter I am always looking to find any edge I can to get better performance in all I do. In the past, I have always looked at eyewear as ballistic protection which is still very much true, however, the guys at Pilla opened my eyes to an entirely different way to view eyewear. ” -Max Michel

Lens Filtration Comparison For Archery Sports

Lens Filtration Comparison For Action Shooting Sports

This simulation compares an open field shooting environment in gray flat lighting conditions before and after the 58ED lens filtration. To compare all lenses available for shooting sports and in different lighting condition, please visit our lens simulation page.

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