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Vigilante Series

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The Vigilante is designed with temples attached to the lens and has a fixed nose bridge made of a high performance rubber that is extremely soft for maximum comfort in active sporting applications. The temple design is screwed directly to the lens for high activity. The lens design increases flow of air on the backside of the lens through a “Ram” effect by forcing air down the backside of the lens. The temple is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably over the ear. The temple material gets tacky as an athlete sweats, this provides confidence the frame will not move around in an active activity.

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          • Vigilante | Pilla Sport
            One size fits all

            Vigilante AS - Action Shooting Model

            Vigilante E - Equestrian Sports Model

            Vigilante S - Shooting Sports Model

          • Vigilante blacked out temple | Pilla Sports
            Blacked out

            This is a completely black frame design. We created this solution for Action Shooting and Tactical usage. However, the design looks great in all sport applications.

            Vigilante gray temple | Pilla Sports

            This grey temple design is a sporty version of this model. The temple is a co-injected high performance rubber providing great grip while being worn. The temple is also easily formed to the head.

          • Panther Standard Temple | Pilla Sports
            Dual Lens Prescription

            The Vigilante is offered with a prescriptive insert. This model should only be used if you have a prescriptive need of + or - 1.50 and have a narrower "Pupillary Distance" of 62 or less.

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          • Vigilante Lens Options | Pilla Sports
            Choose Your Filtration

            Choosing the right lens filtration for your Vigilante product depends on many factors. Check out the links below to see the lens filtrations in action or to learn more about how we create the filtration collections.

            Lens Simulations Filtration Technology
          • Vigilante Lens Options | Pilla Sports
            1,2,3 Frame Kit Options

            The Vigilante can be purchased as a single pair of glasses or as a 2 frame or 3 frame kit. The kit configurations provide a benefit in pricing and also allow for utility of the lens offering to maximize performance in various lighting conditions.

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