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The Mask System started as an idea which didn’t seem possible on paper. We said, “Let’s make a mask for archery with no frame and no nose... so the performance archer has complete unobstructed visual sight and target reference. Further, the design of the glasses should provide a feather weight feeling to the lens.“ Pilla worked with the #1 Archer in the world Erika Jones to refine the concept and the Mask System has re-written the book on performance glass geometry. The Mask System is secured using a suede lanyard which can easily be adjusted for pressure using a slide on the backside of the head. The actual need for tightening to secure the lens is minimal as the lens technology developed in partnership with ZEISS is so light in weight that it basically sits on the bridge with no pressure from the lanyard. The visual picture is unmatched through the lens as there is no nose piece interrupting the archers vision.

Learn more about the options available.

        • Mask MX | Pilla Sports
          MX (M-L)

          The MX model is a base 6 lens. This lens design provides a larger fit for great coverage of the face. The lens size cuts down on any stray light affecting an archer's vision.

          Mask FX | Pilla Sports
          FX (S-M)

          The FX Mask is a base 7 lens that provides great wrap to smaller and more petite faces. The lens shape provides great coverage of the face to minimize any stray light getting into an archers eyes.

        • Mask Camo | Pilla Sport

          This is a standard suede lanyard on the MX model and an option on the FX model. The lanyard is easily adjusted using a slide to tight the lens to the face.

          Mask Brown | Pilla Sport

          This is a standard suede lanyard on the FX model and an option on the MX model. The lanyard is easily adjusted using a slide to tight the lens to the face.

        • Panther Standard Temple | Pilla Sports
          Prescription Insert

          The Mask Rx utilizes a prescription insert to accommodate vision correction needs in both the FX and MX models. If you require a higher corrective need it is recommended to select the MX model. Pilla offers the following options if you choose for us to fill your prescription at the time of order:

          Anti-Reflective - This coating reduces glare off the lens surface and is highly recommended with higher transmittance lenses and inserts.
          Bifocal - Flat top bifocals, fit to the lens with a minimal registration of the bifocal so the “reader” does not get in the way of the athlete's vision.
          Progressive - Multifocal lenses that accommodate both near and far sighted vision without seeing any line in the lens. Recommended only if you utilize progressive lenses in your everyday glasses or current sports glasses.
          Hi-Index - This option reduces the weight and thickness of the lens in high corrective needs. It is necessary for individuals requiring a level of correction over +/– 2.00.

        • Mask Lens Options | Pilla Sports
          Choose Your Filtration

          Choosing the right lens filtration for your Mask product depends on many factors. Check out the links below to see the lens filtrations in action or to learn more about how we create the filtration collections.

          Lens Simulations Filtration Technology

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