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Magneto Rx Series

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The PILLA Magneto is the ultimate in performance eyewear technology for Shooting Sports. The frame is surgical steel fused with titanium, making it ultra light weight and durable. The Magneto comes packaged standard with 3 PILLA lenses by ZEISS to cover almost any lighting condition. With lenses that slide on and off using neodymium magnets, the Magneto boasts the fastest and easiest lens changing system available anywhere. Combined with it’s unique filtrations, this set gives the athlete an unfair advantage and is sure to be the last pair of glasses you’ll ever want to buy. The Magneto is available in both a Plano model and a prescription model. The frame kit comes complete with 4 temples, including the new Magneto 2 fork temple. All Magneto lenses use our proprietary PILLA VX lens science developed by ZEISS.

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        • Temple Options

          Each MAGNETO 2 RX KIT comes with our new Magento 2 Fork Frame. This frame has adjustable tips to create a customized fit and balance the front of the frame with the corrective lenses.

        • Magneto Prescription Options | Pilla Sports
          Prescription Options

          The magneto Rx is a completely integrated solution for the those shooters in need of correction. This design will accommodate any level of corrective need. Pilla offers the following options if you choose for us to fill your prescription at the time of order:

          Anti-Reflective - This coating reduces glare off the lens surface and is highly recommended with higher transmittance lenses and inserts.
          Bifocal - Flat top bifocals, fit to the lens with a minimal registration of the bifocal so the “reader” does not get in the way of the athlete's vision.
          Progressive - Multifocal lenses that accommodate both near and far sighted vision without seeing any line in the lens. Recommended only if you utilize progressive lenses in your everyday glasses or current sports glasses.
          Hi-Index - This option reduces the weight and thickness of the lens in high corrective needs. It is necessary for individuals requiring a level of correction over +/– 2.00.

        • Magneto Rx Lens Options | Pilla Sports
          Choose Your Filtration

          Choosing the right lens filtration for your Magneto product depends on many factors. Check out the links below to see the lens filtrations in action or to learn more about how we create the filtration collections.

          Lens Simulations filtration technology
        • Magneto Kit A | Pilla Sports
          Progressive Lens Kit

          PN, PM, PL, PED

          The progressive kit is a full spectrum kit providing the shooter with 4 lenses to manage light from full sun to low light. The kit includes a Neutralizer, Max, High Contrast, and Enhanced definition lens technology. Each lens uses a variable color technology to instantly tune the shooters sight picture.

          Magneto Kit A | Pilla Sports
          Kit A

          32MXB, 50RHC, 60HCP

          Kit A is a super kit that incorporates a Max lens for a 600% boost in target orange, a high contrast medium lighting lens that will provide excellent separation from a green background, and a very vibrant persimmon lens for flat light and grey conditions.

          Magneto Kit B | Pilla Sports
          Kit B

          18RHC, 58ED, 69MWN

          Kit B offers full sun high contrast lens with a hint of red which will provide great definition in full sun. This kit has a medium light lens that is perfectly balanced to provide a true enhancement of the entire color spectrum. The low light lens is a max lens with a neutralizer. This low light solution will push registration of target orange while setting back green backgrounds.

          Magneto Kit B | Pilla Sports
          Kit C

          55PWC, 18RHC, 62HCW

          A balanced color filtration that provides excellent, all-around clay performance from full sun to gray-flat lighting conditions. Maintain crystal-clear vision and an accelerated color profile in medium lighting and quick target sighting in flat light.

          Magneto Enhanced Def Kit | Pilla Sports
          Enhanced Def Kit

          22ED, 78HC, 42ED

          he ED KIT - The sole purpose of this kit is to provide the athlete with 3 lenses that can effectively manage light from full sun to low light with 3 formulations that enhance the entire color spectrum. The lenses provide an even elevation of color giving the sight picture an intense lift but maintain the actual color value.

          Magneto Max Orange 2.0 Kit | Pilla Sports
          Max Orange 2.0 Kit

          38MAX, 62MAX, 78HC

          The Max kit is for the shooter looking for the maximum lift in target orange. This kit provides a 600% boost in target orange in a full sun and medium lighting lens. This kit also comes with a great low light lens that is effective in both the woods and flat grey light.

          Magneto High Contrast Kit | Pilla Sports
          High Contrast Kit

          46N, 58HC, 52HC

          The High contrast kit focuses on 3 specialty lenses. A neutralizer lens for medium lighting that kills green backgrounds, a very vibrant lens for grey flat light, and a beautiful all around medium lighting lens that is perfect for open fields and shooting into the sky.

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