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The Pilla Collection for the Hunter Jumper Rider is an invaluable tool for seeing the jumps with precise accuracy. In addition to the high performance lens design, Pilla provides the rider with all day protection of the eye. Each injected frame design keeps dust and wind out of the riders eyes. Pilla has focused on providing the athlete with a pair of high performance sports glasses that work in concert with the athletes needs both visually and functionally from a fit perspective. We have spent a tremendous amount of time designing the frame to provide both performance and fit. Each of the injected models uses TR-90 and "Megol" in the nose and temple tips.

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        • Injected P91, P92, P93 | Pilla Sports
          Color Options

          Our injection models are made of high performance TR-90 and use the finest in rubber components. We make Black, Rootbeer, Black and White frame options in the Injected series.

        • Injected P91, P92, P93 | Pilla Sports
          P91,92,93 (M-L)

          The P91 has special temple vents to improve airflow through the frame. This helps reduce fogging as this is a high wrap 9 base frame. The P92 is a great fitting frame style with rubber nose pieces and temple tips that provide solid grip to secure the frame. The P93 has an invert temple design to fit on the inside of a hat.

          Injected Monaco | Pilla Sports
          Monaco (S-M)

          The Monaco is a high wrap 9 base frame design. The frame fits perfectly under a riding hat. The frame has high-performance nose pieces and temple tips for maximum grip while riding.

          Injected National | Pilla Sports
          National (S-M)

          The National is a light-weight frame design. The inverted temple design fits under a hat extremely well. The temples can also be put in a traditional configuration with the tips turing down behind the ear.

          Injected National | Pilla Sports
          Liberty (S-M)

          The Liberty is a great all around pair of glasses with great coverage and is a Base 8 wrap. This frame has a super visual experience given the eye size of the lens. The frame is a great choice for riding all disciplines.

        • Panther Standard Temple | Pilla Sports
          Dual Lens Prescription

          All our injection models are available with prescription lenses. It is recommended that a prescriptive need over + or - 2.00 is called in to our Rx team. 203-894-3265 or email info@pillasport.com and a specialist will get back to you on any special considerations needed with a submitted prescription.

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        • Injected Lens Options | Pilla Sports
          Choose Your Filtration

          Choosing the right lens filtration for your Injected product depends on many factors. Check out the links below to see the lens filtrations in action or to learn more about how we create the filtration collections.

          Explore Solid Filtrations Lens Simulations

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