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Hunting Rx Series

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The Pilla Hunting Collection provides the wearer with the ultimate in eye protection while enhancing the outdoor experience for the wearer. Wearing eyewear in the field is a necessity to both provide the wearer with eye performance as well as eye protection from stray shot, twigs, or even the direct adverse effects of the sun. Our hunting collection benefits from the same type of light management and color enhancement found in the entire Pilla collection. Our hunting collection provides a variety of lens options from Fun Sun to Low Light.

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      • Hunting Matrix | Pilla Sport
        Matrix (S)

        This model has a heavy-duty metal frame with spring hinges and is extremely light weight. The frame is compact and a great for the field. The temples have rubber tips to keep the glasses secure while hunting.

        Hunting Renegade | Pilla Sport
        Renegade (M-L)

        This hunting frame is made of Surgical Steel providing an ultra light-weight design and a large amount of wrap to help prevent stray shot and twigs from entering the eye socket. This high-performance design is fit with rubber temple tips for a secure fit in the field.

        Hunting Maverick | Pilla Sport
        Maverick (L)

        This is a classic aviator design with an oversized lens for those looking for maximum coverage and a wide open sight picture in the field. The frame is fit with a sweat bar which is both functional and a great addition to the cosmetic. This model has rubber temple tips for secure fit in the field.

        Hunting Executive | Pilla Sport
        Executive (M-L)

        The Executive is a classic field glass. This is a Base 8 lens design offering nice wrap for eye coverage. This is a light-weight model that is easily worn in the field from sun up to sun down.

      • Panther Standard Temple | Pilla Sports
        Dual Lens Prescription

        The Hunting Rx products are completely integrated solutions for the those in need of correction. Our entire VIVX and VIVX 2 lens offering is available to be fit to any hunting model. If you have a higher corrective need, the Executive model is the best choice. Pilla offers the following options at the time of order:

        Anti-Reflective - This coating reduces glare off the lens surface and is highly recommended with higher transmittance lenses and inserts.
        Bifocal - Flat top bifocals, fit to the lens with a minimal registration of the bifocal so the “reader” does not get in the way of the athlete's vision.
        Progressive - Multifocal lenses that accommodate both near and far sighted vision without seeing any line in the lens. Recommended only if you utilize progressive lenses in your everyday glasses or current sports glasses.
        Hi-Index - This option reduces the weight and thickness of the lens in high corrective needs. It is necessary for individuals requiring a level of correction over +/– 2.00.

      • Hunting Lens Options | Pilla Sports
        Choose Your Filtration

        Choosing the right lens filtration for your Hunting Series product depends on many factors. Check out the links below to see the lens filtrations in action or to learn more about how we create the filtration collections.

        Lens Simulations filtration technology

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