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Lens filtrations for action shooting sports.

Pilla has been in shooting sports for over 25 years. In 2015 Pilla teamed up with World Champion Max Michel to develop a system of light management and color manipulation to enhance the visual performance of glasses for the action shooter. The reality is glasses in the sport of Action shooting were primarily a necessary piece of gear to have to participate. Pilla has entered the world of Action Shooting to present the performance of lens technology as a performance tool. This piece of equipment is capable of enhancing a shooter’s vision for quicker target acquisition while providing crystal clear definition in a variety of action shooting disciplines. Pilla offers lens science by ZEISS from full sun to low light and even lenses to enhance specific targets found in 3 gun. From IPSC to 3-Gun there is no company that provides a better light management and visual enhancement system than Pilla.

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Action Shooting