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Fruit Science Lenses


The spectral curve of this lens technology is an extrapolation of our Red High Contrast filter science with a new modified curve to balance an orange spike and suppression of green in a high light values. The technology is great for situations where there is filtered light through clouds or white light. The lens incorporates PILLA ZEISS ChromaShift Infra Red and our proprietary background neutralizer technology. This lens science works extremely well on orange and pink targets.


Pushing the visual spectrum to accelerate target orange in a transmittance value between our 24CMX & 44CMX was the objective and the result is spectacular. ZEISS and PILLA have created a very special lens that is precise and vibrant highlighting orange dome targets with amazing definition. This lens is for shooting in open areas and is a great all around lens. It is a complimentary lens to our CMX lenses using our ICE IR science with a touch more red to further enhance orange at 36% light value.


The Strawberry filter is an extrapolation of our Red High Contrast filter science but infuses more pink. This is a great all-around medium light lens. The Strawberry lens will be a great addition on the clays course and even in the field on live birds. This lens is nicely balanced and pushing contrast without manipulating color to a large degree.


This new Blood Orange lens is a hotter version of our “Peach” filter science using the newest ICE Infra Red Technology. Our peach filters have been one of the top selling lens filters we have produced over the past 10 years. This new filter curve bends the spectral color to accelerate more red and yellow. The result is a lens that is more intense in highlighting a variety of colored targets at a transmittance value that is darker than our 64CMX filter. This lens is also a super action shooting lens for medium light.


Juice target orange with straight ICE IR color lift. This new Persimmon lens is for medium to diminishing light conditions with more contrast elevating true definition in tougher grey light conditions. This lens increases the saturation of color illumination while crunching the edges of the target with contrast in the lower light values. An extremely bright lens that wakes up the eye.


Yes Loquat - not too many people know about this unique fruit but this is definitely one you will want in your kit. SUPER bright low light lens. This is a rock star flat light lens. The new ICE IR color lifting science brightens the sight picture for all shooting sports. The lens is tuned to enhance both clay targets or paper targets. This is a must have low light lens with superior anti-reflective coatings to reduce lens noise and splintered light.


Currently available in Outlaw, Top Gun, Panther, Raptor, 500 Series, and in a Curated Kit