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New Chromashift Solid Lenses

January 14, 2019

New Chromashift Solid Lenses

Our new Chromashift solids add to our existing chromashift technology - 18CED, 32MXB, 52CHC, 55PWC, 70PWC - & All Progressive Zeiss Pilla Lenses.

40CN - (40% Transmittance - Chromashift Neutralizer)
This new lens uses the 44N as a base while enhancing the filter efficiency of the color enhancing profile. This new spectral curve is delivered using Chromashift pigment technology to boost pink and orange while killing the green background in medium light.  

64CB - (64% Transmittance - Chromashift BANANA)
This is a vibrant medium gray light introduction for Pilla. To date all our gray light lenses have been high transmittance lenses allowing more light through the lens. This new lens uses our Chromashift pigments with a Copper coating to enhance the sight picture of both clay targets and live game in the field. The shooters actual visual awareness is elevated with this new color lifting lens. 

48RHC - (48% Transmittance - Chromashift Red High Contrast)
The 50RHC was introduced in 2012 and has been one of the best selling lens technologies Pilla has brought to the market.  The new 48RCH builds on the 50RHC filter with a new Violet Chromashift coating and color enhancing pigment that delivers a more robust technology.  This lens is a medium lighting lens where “Yellow” light dominates the sight picture.

16CRHC - (16% Transmittance - Chromashift Red High Contrast)
A solid filter for those looking for increased color boost in full sun.  This lens uses the 18RHC as a base filter while accelerating the color values for target shooting.  This lens uses our Chromashift pigments to enhance definition with a new coating.  The transmission of the lens is darker than the current 18RHC which provides better efficiency in bright sun applications.

28CR - (28% Transmittance - Chromashift RASPBERRY)
The new Raspberry Chromashift lens harnesses the filter of the Progressive Cherry in a Solid Filter delivery.  This is the first true “Red” based lens Pilla has brought to the market with the ZEISS platform. If you are looking for a vibrant color enhancing technology that will make targets vibrate with clarity or sight in on driven Pheasant, the Raspberry lens is one for your kit. This is a full sun lens with vivid color enhancing capability. Perfect for shooing into blue skies and open fields. 

80HC - (80% Transmittance - Chromashift High Contrast) 
This new solid filter uses the 76HC as a base while boosting color in low light. The  lens is brighter in low light and benefits from the Chromashift pigment technology and has a new front side coating to reduce glare.  This is a must have low light lens. 

67CWN - (67% Transmittance - Chromashift Max/Neutralizer)
This new lens formulation blends the 66N and the 69MWN using the Chromashift coating found on our 18CED and 52CHC. This new filter profile has orange enhancement while using our green background neutralizer. The 67CWN is a great lens for those that would like a more subtle color boost while kicking back the background in medium to lower light. 

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