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Gain an unfair advantage in equestrian sports.

An equestrian athlete is continually dealing with the sun given the sport is enjoyed outside 90% of the time. For an athlete in equestrian sports, the eye is continually being bombarded by harmful UV light. Pilla provides a lens science produced by ZEISS that provides 100% protection from the suns harmful rays.

In addition to eye protection, Pilla offers the equestrian athlete direct benefits in eyewear not found in regular sunglasses. For the Polo player, Pilla provides propreietary lens science to enhance the registration of the Polo ball in various lighting conditions. For the Hunter/Jumper rider, Pilla eyewear provides perfect depth of field for seeing a true distance without having to squint or strain the eye. Further, the color enhancement technology gives the athlete a vivid visual experience without introducing eye fatigue. Pilla has a variety of lens options to manage light for the equestrian ahtlete.

Lens Filtration Comparison For Archery Sports

Lens Filtration Comparison For Equestrian Sports

This simulation compares an outdoor show jumping environment in low lighting conditions before and after the 94HC lens filtration. To compare all lenses available for equestrian sports and in different lighting condition, please visit our lens simulation page.

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