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Why choose Pilla for aviation?

Aviation is one of the few professions where vision and critical accuracy are literally the single most important requirements. Without perfect vision, risk and error are profoundly magnified to a power of 10. Pilla provides a total eye managment directive for our Aviation glasses. We protect the eye, preserve eye fitness, and enhance eye performance. We protect the pilot's eyes with with true UV 400 eye protection from all three forms of harmful UV light.

Our PILLA ZEISS lens science, developed in partnership with ZEISS, is optically perfect and reduces eye fatigue because the eye is no longer looking through a distorted lens material. This is a major benefit for a pilot as situational awareness in a cockpit is maintained. Pilla provides superior optics and filtration technology, enhancing the eye's capability to manage a variety of lighting conditions when operating under VFR. We do this with very specific lens filtrations which artificially enhance the color spectrum in various lighting conditions. Eyewear is as important as the preflight check for a pilot - when you put Pilla on in the cockpit you have checked one of the most important elements of your preflight routine.

Lens Filtration Comparison For Archery Sports

Lens Filtration Comparison For Aviation

This simulation compares a cockpit in medium lighting conditions before and after the 54HC lens filtration. To compare all lenses available for aviation and in different lighting condition, please visit our lens simulation page.

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