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Raptor Rx

High Performance Dual-Lens System in Traditional Design

The Raptor Rx is available in a fully-adjustable Fork System (Black), a fully-adjustable Cable Tip (Black), and hand-made Italian Acetate Bayonet Tips (Black or   Gold with Fine Havana Tortoise Bayonet Tips).

In addition to the adjustable temple tips in the Fork and Cable Systems, the nose bridge is also adjustable to raise the front bar of the frame. The nose piece is a super comfortable high-performance silicone, one-piece saddle that grabs your nose for maximum grip and comfort.

Additionally, the Raptor Rx has the ability to be used by prescription wearers using an insert system that sits behind the filtered lenses in the frame. The beauty of the insert system is the lens eye size is the same size as the exterior filtered lens and any eye professional can put corrective lenses in the insert or Pilla can provide a turn-key product with your prescription in the insert. This insert system is slotted into the rubber sweat bar behind the floating lens filter. So this product has the ability to be corrected after the initial purchase with the insert or easily change your prescription in the insert without having to change all the filter lenses every time your prescription changes.

We also offer the Raptor Rx with filtered prescription lenses for use without an insert. Any Pilla lens formulation available can be ordered with a full prescription lens. The Raptor lenses are form fit to the frame with a bevel cut out to customize the prescription to the frame when not using the insert system.

The Raptor Rx is available in a 3-lens configuration only.