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Split Insert

The   Split   Insert  is our newest   insert  that works with Outlaws and our Panther X6 Frame. The   Split   Insert  is an oversized   insert  for a larger optical field of view. This option is a great alternative solution for Panther X6 Post wearers for weight savings over our metal frame   insert.

This system also is a great solution for those that have eye dominance issues as we have a special  sand-blasted  insert  for either your right or left eye to “screen” the dominate eye in a cross-dominance situation.

Please order a full   split-prescriptive   insert  plus an additional “Eye Dominance” element for either the right or left eye.

Note: Inserts when in use with Plano glasses are designed to be held by the exterior mask on the left and right edges of the insert. As the insert touches the exterior mask it will leave over time a small thin line or abrasion mark in the exterior mask. This is not a defect.