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Outlaw Series

The Outlaw X Series is powered by PILLA VX lenses by ZEISS and is certified to be a perfect optical instrument. The athlete is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual disruption. The Outlaw X Series incorporates our unique counter balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. The temple arms are intentionally designed to wrap the head. We have increase the length by 6mm to create this geometry.

Every lens has an integrated rubber sweat bar to hold the lens off the forehead and to prevent smudging of the backside of the lens. Additionally, the rubber sweat bar has integrated vents to improve air flow on the back side of the lens to reduce any potential fogging.

Learn more about the options available.

                • Panther Post | Pilla Sport

                  The Outlaw System for Shooting Sports provides the shooter with a complete panoramic view. The sight picture is wide open with no visual obstructions.

                  Panther No Post | Pilla Sport

                  The Outlaw for Archery is a specific model designed for performance (Outlaw X6A and Outlaw X7A). The geometry of the glasses allows and archer to have an unobstructed view of the target at full draw. There is no product on the market that offers a better sight picture.

                  Panther No Post | Pilla Sport
                  Action Shooting

                  The active nature of action shooting requires a frame system that stays secure while providing optimal visual performance. The Outlaw give the shooter super field coverage and fits under ear defenders with optimal comfort.

                • Outlaw Color Options | Pilla Sport
                  Choose A Color

                  The Outlaw frames come in multiple colors including Black, Gray, Blue, Red, Yellow, White and many other combinations. At checkout, make sure to add on the temple frame color of your choice.

                • Outlaw X6 | Pilla Sports
                  X6 (M-L)

                  This model uses a Base 6 lens providing wide coverage of the face. The lens is over 150mm wide and 55mm high.

                  Outlaw X7 | Pilla Sports
                  X7 (S-M)

                  This model uses a Base 7 lens providing a high degree of wrap. The lens size coverage is very similar to the Outlaw X6 but bends around the face more in a narrower design. The coverage is excellent.

                • Outlaw Cable Temple | Pilla Sports

                  The Cable temple option is available for both the Outlaw X6 and Outlaw X7 models. This temple tip is made of soft rubber that wraps the ear. There is no metal wire in the cable for maximum comfort. The temple has 5 positions of adjustment for over 20 mm of additional length.

                  Outlaw Fork Temple | Pilla Sports

                  The fork option for the Outlaw X6 and Outlaw X7 is made out of carbon fiber and is a super light weight option for the glasses. The length of the temple wraps the head to elevate the front of the glasses to reduce bridge weight. The tips are fully adjustable for contouring to the head.

                • Outlaw Rx Insert | Pilla Sports
                  Prescription Insert

                  Prescription Inserts are available for both the Outlaw X6 and Outlaw X7. If you have a high corrective need or a wide "pupillary distance" over 62mm the Outlaw X6 is the correct model choice. The Outlaw X6 can provide a wide range of corrective need. Pilla offers the following options if you choose for us to fill your prescription at the time of order:

                  Note: Inserts when in use with Plano glasses are designed to be held by the exterior mask on the left and right edges of the insert. As the insert touches the exterior mask it will leave over time a small thin line or abrasion mark in the exterior mask. This is not a defect. 

                  Anti-Reflective - This coating reduces glare off the lens surface and is highly recommended with higher transmittance lenses and inserts.
                  Bifocal - Flat top bifocals, fit to the lens with a minimal registration of the bifocal so the “reader” does not get in the way of the athlete's vision.
                  Progressive - Multifocal lenses that accommodate both near and far sighted vision without seeing any line in the lens. Recommended only if you utilize progressive lenses in your everyday glasses or current sports glasses.
                  Hi-Index - This option reduces the weight and thickness of the lens in high corrective needs. It is necessary for individuals requiring a level of correction over +/– 2.00.

                • Outlaw Lens Options | Pilla Sports
                  Choose Your Filtration

                  Choosing the right lens filtration for your Outlaw product depends on many factors. Check out the links below to learn about each of the lens filtrations in solid or progressive filtrations.

                  Explore Solid Filtrations Explore Progressive Filtrations
                • Progressive Kit A | Pilla Sports
                  Progressive Kit A

                  PN, PM, PL, PED

                  The progressive kit is full-spectrum, managing light from full sun to low light. The kit includes a Neutralizer, Max, High Contrast, and Enhanced definition lens technology. Each lens uses a variable color technology to instantly tune the shooters sight picture.

                  Progressive Kit B | Pilla Sports
                  Progressive Kit B

                  PN, PM, PLM, PED

                  The progressive kit is full-spectrum, managing light from full sun to low light. The kit includes a Neutralizer, Max, High Contrast, and Enhanced definition lens technology. Each lens uses a variable color technology to instantly tune the shooters sight picture.

                  Panther Truck Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Truck Kit

                  26ED, 44ED, 76HC

                  A true balance of visual-​spectrum color enhancement. This kit provides the shooter a full-​sun to low-​light lens option. Perfect for both clays and hunting.

                  Outlaw Bank Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Bank Kit

                  22N, 44N, 66N

                  This specialty kit offers a full​-​sun, medium, and low​-​light background​-​neutralizing technology. It is perfect for a shooter dealing with heavy foliage.

                  Panther Boost Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Boost Kit

                  22N, 45MAX, 60HCP

                  This kit is tuned to provide the shooter with the maximum boost in pink and orange targets. A full​-​sun, medium, and low​-​light lens is included with a direct focus on spiking these target colors.

                  Panther Chroma Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Chroma Kit

                  18RHC, 44N, 60HCP

                  Made for the clay shooter, this kit utilizes Chromashift, our newest spectral​,​ color​-​enhancement technology. It offers a vivid full-sun lens, a medium​-​light lens with a background neutralizer, and an accelerated low​-​light lens.

                  Outlaw 3DHC Kit | Pilla Sports
                  3DHC Kit

                  26ED, 50RHC, 66N

                  The lenses in this kit are balanced to enhance the color spectrum and boost registration of orange and pink targets while also pushing rich definition in black targets. This kit provides crisp detailed definition without saturating color.

                  Panther Max 2.0 Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Max 3.0 Kit

                  32MXB, 45MAX, 69MWN

                  A kit for the clay shooter looking for maximum enhancement of orange clay targets. In full sun and medium​-light conditions, the lenses enhance the orange part of the visual spectrum 600% over a standard lens.

                  Outlaw Sportsman Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Sportsman Kit

                  10ED, 58ED, 94HC

                  This kit offers our widest light​-​management tool. It is a perfect mixed kit for a shooter that both hunts and shoots clays as it includes lenses with universal color enhancers for clays and works extremely well on small game.

                  Panther Polar Kit | Pilla Sports
                  Polar Kit

                  9.5ED, 28ED

                  This is a two​-​lens polarized option only available in the Outlaw X6. It enhances the color spectrum for rich color reproduction in full sun and produces extremely well-defined sight pictures in medium light. Amazing on the water as well.

                  Panther Polar Kit | Pilla Sports
                  TAK 3.0 Kit

                  55PWC, 18RHC, 62HCW

                  A balanced color filtration that provides excellent, all-around clay performance from full sun to gray-flat lighting conditions. Maintain crystal-clear vision and an accelerated color profile in medium lighting and quick target sighting in flat light.

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