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Lens filtrations for equestrian sports.

Lens science for Equestrian Sports is a new concept. The use of lens science in Equestrian sports has been limited to the traditional sunglass while viewing and certainly not while participating. In 2010, we worked with Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson to introduce the concept of using lens science to enhance a rider’s visual aptitude while mounted. This enables the rider to see the jumps better while also staying.

In the sport of Polo, Pilla worked with Mariano Aguerre and Facundo Pieres to introduce lens science to enhance the ability of the player to see the ball better with proper depth of field. The issue is most lenses used in the sport of Polo provide a distortion and do not allow a player to hit the ball true. With PILLA VX lenses by ZEISS, the ball is seen where it is. Further we have introduced special lens filtration to kill the green grass and allow the ball to separate from the surface.

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