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Lens filtrations for aviation.

For a pilot, lens science is as important as your pre-flight inspection and checklist. Pilla Aviation lens science provides a pilot with superior visual registration in the cockpit as well as outside the cockpit. PILLA VX lenses by ZEISS provide 100% distortion free lens clarity while harnessing a spectral filtration that calms a pilot’s eyes and enhances the instruments and systems. From traditional analog to glass cockpits, Pilla lenses provide the pilot with a tool for preserving visual aptitude over long flights as the lens filtration and superior quality allow the eye to relax. Pilla uses 3 different lenses to enhance cockpit situational awareness in both VFR and IFR conditions. Our lenses provide a pilot with a performance tool for more enjoyable flying with eyes that not only see better but stay fresh throughout the time in the air.



10% light transmittance. High Performance Anti-Reflective. Direct Sun. Balanced lens to relax eye in bright light and minimize eye fatigue. Rich definition of Cloud Structure  

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15% light transmittance. High Performance Anti-Reflective. Full Sun – Slightly more transmission than the 10ED. Balanced lens to relax eye in bright light and minimize eye fatigue. Rich definition of Cloud Structure.

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26% light transmittance. High Performance Anti-Reflective . Full Sun to Medium Light. Balanced lens to relax eye in medium light and minimize eye fatigue. Balanced Color profile for crisp visual reference.

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28% Transmittance - Chromashift RASPBERRYThe new Raspberry Chromashift lens harnesses the filter of the Progressive Cherry in a Solid Filter delivery.  This is the first true “Red” based lens Pilla has brought to the market with the ZEISS platform. If you are looking for a vibrant color enhancing technology that will make targets vibrate with clarity or sight in on driven Pheasant, the Raspberry lens is one for your kit. This is a full sun lens with vivid color enhancing capability. Perfect for shooing into blue skies and open fields.

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      54% light transmittance. High Performance Anti-Reflective. Medium Light. Chroma Shift Technology – Enhance all glass displays and provides excellent visual reference outside the cockpit by injecting a color profile to enhance visual reference. Saturate Color for vivid imaging of the interior and exterior of the cockpit.

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      64% Transmittance - Chromashift BANANAThis is a vibrant medium gray light introduction for Pilla. To date all our gray light lenses have been high transmittance lenses allowing more light through the lens. This new lens uses our Chromashift pigments with a Copper coating to enhance the sight picture of both clay targets and live game in the field. The shooters actual visual awareness is elevated with this new color lifting lens. 

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      80% Transmittance - Chromashift High ContrastThis new solid filter uses the 76HC as a base while boosting color in low light. The  lens is brighter in low light and benefits from the Chromashift pigment technology and has a new front side coating to reduce glare.  This is a must have low light lens. 

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