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Lens filtrations for aviation.

For a pilot, lens science is as important as your pre-flight inspection and checklist. Pilla Aviation lens science provides a pilot with superior visual registration in the cockpit as well as outside the cockpit. PILLA VX lenses by ZEISS provide 100% distortion free lens clarity while harnessing a spectral filtration that calms a pilot’s eyes and enhances the instruments and systems. From traditional analog to glass cockpits, Pilla lenses provide the pilot with a tool for preserving visual aptitude over long flights as the lens filtration and superior quality allow the eye to relax. Pilla uses 3 different lenses to enhance cockpit situational awareness in both VFR and IFR conditions. Our lenses provide a pilot with a performance tool for more enjoyable flying with eyes that not only see better but stay fresh throughout the time in the air.

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