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Panther X6 Rx



The Panther X6 System is a fully adjustable interchangeable mask technology. Every aspect of the Panther System has been engineered to perform with perfection and is fully adjustable to customize the fit to the shooter.

If selected, the carbon fiber fork temple system is light weight and provides excellent grip. The high-performance Carbon Fiber Temple system and integrated rubber sweat bar have enhanced the fit and utility of the  Panther  s ystems. The soft rubber sweat bar allows a better exhausting of air on the back side of the lens while providing a comfortable wearing experience against the forehead. 

The insert options for the Panther System provide for a very wide corrective need. We have put up to a -11.5 in this model. 

Note: Post inserts when in use with Plano glasses are designed to be held by the exterior mask on the left and right edges of the insert. As the insert touches the exterior mask it will leave over time a small thin line or abrasion mark in the exterior mask. This is not a defect. 

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