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Outlaw X7A Rx


This is a high wrap Archery version of the Outlaw X7 Rx Frame Geometry which has been adopted by some of the top archers in the world. This is a 7 Base distortion free PILLA ZEISS lens is used for this model. It is a great fit for a smaller to medium face and for women.

This Archery specific model has a completely unobstructed view for the athlete through the nasal part of the glasses. This is achieved through a perfectly contoured nose edging to allow the lens to rest directly on the nose without the use of a conventional nose piece. This is a proprietary design to Pilla. 

 Each kit comes with 1 frame + your choice of filtration options. 

*note: Lens images are for filtration color reference. X7A lenses will come without the nose pieces attached.

Note: Inserts when in use with Plano glasses are designed to be held by the exterior mask on the left and right edges of the insert. As the insert touches the exterior mask it will leave over time a small thin line or abrasion mark in the exterior mask. This is not a defect. 

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