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Magneto 2 Rx


Now available in NEW Progressive Kit!

THE MAGNETO 2 Is packaged in a new aluminum box. Each MAGNETO 2 Rx KIT comes our new Magneto 2 Fork Temples. 

The MAGNETO 2 Rx uses Neodymium magnets to anchor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel. This model is very specific to prescriptive wearers. The corrective element of the frame is integrated into the entire frame housing. This is a different design than our Panther System which has a transportable insert that is removable from the frame.

The PILLA ZEISS lenses available in the Magneto sit in front of the corrective element of the frame.  This corrective design will accommodate any level of corrective need.

If you would like for us to fill the single-vision prescription, you will have the opportunity to provide your corrective prescription as well as select any prescriptive lens options that you would like to add on.